Learning Labs 2017-2018

Learning Labs are a great way to enhance your field trip with interactive learning. Each lab lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour and is designed specifically for your grade level. Learning Labs includes a story (not 3rd grade) and a hands-on activity. Our goal is to introduce science and art in an informal and fun setting! Learning Labs are $2 per student (added to a $3 admission fee) and each class is limited to 30 children. Schools with more than 30 children may be asked to split into smaller groups. A 5:1 child to adult ratio is required when visiting the Museum. 1 adult will be free for every 5 children. 

Learning Labs are scheduled between the months of September and May. 


The 5 SensesDescription: Our five senses help us learn about the world around us. Read a book about seven blind mice and learn how they interpret their world. Learn about your senses and test the strength of yours with a few experiments. Standards: 2.A.ECa, 2.B.ECa,2.D.ECa
Mixing It Up!Description: Learn how to use two colors to make something new with the help of some mice. Then get ready to come up with your own color combinations!Standards: 2.A.ECd, 2.A.ECa, 2.B.ECa, 2.D.ECa


Growing GardenDescription: Join us to learn about how plants and gardens grow. Let’s read a story about an adventurous little seed! Create a home for your own seed and watch it grow after you’ve left the Museum.
Standards: K-LS1-1, RL.K.1, RL.K.4, RL.K.7, RI.K.7, SL.K.2’
The Monster BashDescription: Oh no! Monsters have invaded the Museum. Create your own monsters with organic shapes and learn once we get to know them, monsters aren’t so scary after all. Standards: 1.A.K.a, 1.C.K.a, 1.C.L.b, 2.B.K.c, 4.a.Ka, 9.a.Ka, 9.a.Kb, 9.a.Kc

1st Grade

Description: What goes up, must come down! Read and learn about the force of gravity. Afterward, create a work of art by using gravity. Watch out- it could get messy!Standards: ESS1.1.1, L.1.5.d CC.1.5.d, MD.1.2
Art Mayhem!Description: Roll up your sleeves and get ready to get messy! Every kid knows that sometimes you need to cause a little mayhem in order to make a masterpiece. Standards: 26.B.1d, 26.A.1e, CC.1.R.L.1

2nd Grade

Ooey Gooey SlimeDescription: Oh No! Slime has taken over the museum! Read a book about what happens when a science project went wrong. Afterward, mix and experiment to make your own slime. Standards: 2-PS1-1, 2-PS1-4, RI.2.1
Meet MatisseDescription: Learn about Henri Matisse and why he drew with scissors. Then create Matisse-inspired artwork to take home. Standards: V.ACr1.1.1a, V.A.Cr1.1.1b,VA:Pr1.3a, VA:Pr1.2a, VA:Pr6.1.2a. 2.G

3rd Grade

An A-bridged Guide to EngineeringDescription: Join us for a Make Space inspired project! Can your team build the strongest bridge out of the materials we give you? Let’s find out!Standards: 3-PS2-1, 3-PS2-3, 3-PS2-4, MP.2, MP.5, W.3.7
Art in Action!Description: SPLAT! BANG! BOOM! Prepare to express yourselves with foamy, frothy, explosive fun!
Standards: VA:Cr2.1.3a, VA: Cr2.2.2a, VA:Cr2.1.3a, VA:Re.7.1.3a, 3-LS2

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