Exhibition Rentals

Looking for the Museum experience in your classroom? Rent one of our portable exhibits for your classroom, after-school club, scout meeting, or youth group. Exhibits can be rented as-is or with a lesson and materials for up to 25 children. Educator experience coming soon!

Tech Trax!

Design and build a vehicle to travel down our track and try to beat your time or your neighbor. Use Lego Elements, wheels, and weights to create cars that travel fast or slow. Each track also comes with various materials to alter the surface of the track.
What you get:
-One wooden ramp (7ft long, 14in wide, 20in at tallest point)
-One wooden ramp with various pieces of friction ((7ft long, 14in wide, 20in at tallest point)
-Two Lego kits with enough pieces to make 10 cars each


1. Friction for Grades 1-3: Learn how different surfaces affect how fast or slow vehicles go. How fast can you make your car go on a bumpy surface?

2. Car Crash Dummies for Grades 3-6: Use the tracks, various materials, and Lego pieces to build a car that can keep a delicate egg safe after a crash into a wall.

Pricing: $150 per week (exhibit only). $35 per lesson per 25 children

Zip Lines

What goes up must come down! Our zip lines are portable and can be set-up with little effort. Each rental comes with portable zip lines, Lego Elements, and various other pieces to make your carriers go fast or slow. Create your own challenge or purchase one of our lessons.

What you get:
-Two ziplines
-Various Lego pieces to create carriers


1. Gravity and Mass for grades 2-4: Learn how different masses and containers can make an object go faster or slower. Use a timer to graph your results.

2. Downward Challenge for grades 4-6: Create a container that will carry a weighted package to the end of the zip line. How fast or gently can yours travel?

Pricing: $150 per week (exhibit only). $35 per lesson per 25 children



Learn about the parts of the body, healthy habits, and nutrition with our friend, Stuffee! Stuffee is an oversized stuffed friend that can be un-zipped to learn about the unseen parts of the body. This is the perfect exhibit for little learners.

What you get:


1. Body Parts for PreK and Kindergarten: Use Stuffee to learn about the different parts of the body- inside and out. Learn what all the parts of the body do and how our senses help us learn about the world.

2. My Plate and Healthy Habits for PreK and Kindergarten: What we put in our bodies and how we move make us healthy! Learn about food groups and mindful movement with a sorting game and exercises.

Pricing: $150 per week (exhibit only). $35 per lesson per 25 children

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To make a reservation, please contact Abby at akoester@cmofil.org