Brilliant Builders Sneak Peak

Brilliant Builders will happen the week of July 5th-8th. This is a jam-packed camp for makers, tinkerers, and engineers entering the 1st-3rd grades. Due to the popularity of the Museum’s Make Space, we decided to bring four full days of making to the children of Decatur. We’ll learn about design, circuits, and bridges in this busy week.


To start things off, every child will receive a littleBit circuit kit to use and take home at the end of the week. Cool! We’ll begin by teaching the basics of circuits and learn how to build on to the pieces. The first challenge will be to use the littleBits to create a monster that either moves, makes sound, or lights up. How would you build one?


The following days will have similar challenges such as building bridges, towers, and safe vehicles (for eggs!) Each challenge will have specific materials, time limits, and special requirements; but no instructions! Are you up to the challenge?

To top off the week we will be participating in a nationwide challenge with NASA. Check out the details here. Educators participated in the challenge and it’s tough! We’ll work in groups to create a gliding aircraft and share our designs with other kids around the nation.


Ready to sign up? Go here to register today!