Dream Weaving

This week at Young at Art we introduced a new topic-Weaving! Our project entitled Dream Weaving introduces weaving in a fun and creative way. Using different colored strips of paper, the children were instructed to weave a “blanket” and draw a sleeping person above it.


On top of the fun art project, children can improve many different skills when they weave. While holding the strips of paper, they are practicing the proper “pincer grip”. This grip involves using your thumb and pointer finger to grip an item. It is an essential skill used to write, hold silverware, and many other everyday tasks as well! Weaving also requires a great amount of hand-eye coordination to move the strips of paper in the manner they choose. Because of the intricate movements weaving involves, it takes a lot of concentration, which children will soon learn is a fundamental part of learning. With difficult tasks like these, it is important to remind them that if they make mistakes it is okay! Messing up and trying again is the best way to learn; Especially when the outcome is as beautiful as this project is!