Learning Labs 2019-2020

Learning Labs

Learning Labs are a great way to enhance your field trip with interactive learning. Each lab lasts approximately 45 minutes and is designed specifically for your grade level. STEAM Labs for 4th-6th grade could last up to one hour. Learning Labs include a hands-on activity and a story (PreK-2nd). Learning Labs are $2 per student (added to a $4 Basic Field Trip). Each class is limited to 25 children. Groups with more than 25 children will be asked to split into smaller groups.

Questions? Contact Abby at akoester@cmofil.org or (217)423-5437

Learning Labs are scheduled between the months of September and May. 


The 5 SensesDescription: Our five senses help us learn about the world around us. Learn about each sense, play games, and create a piece of art for your senses.Standards: 2.A.ECa, 2.B.ECa,2.D.ECa
Mixing and MovingDescription:Go on an adventure with some dots and learn what happens when colors mix. Afterward create a suncatcher that creates all the colors!Standards: 2.A.ECd, 2.A.ECa, 2.B.ECa, 2.D.ECa
3 Little Pigs Home BuildingDescription:Read the classic tale about the 3 little pigs. After reading the story, design and build a house with various materials that can stay standing in a wind storm! Standards:


Butterfly GardenDescription: Join us to learn about the butterfly life cycle and how they help plants grow with a story and activity. Use new tools to create a bright and beautiful butterfly to pollinate your new plant.
Standards: K-LS1-1, RL.K.1, RL.K.4, RL.K.7, RI.K.7, SL.K.2’
The Monster BashDescription:Monsters aren’t always scary. Read a book about a little boy that creates a monster and then learn about geometric and organic shapes so you can create a monster to be your friend. Standards: 1.A.K.a, 1.C.K.a, 1.C.L.b, 2.B.K.c, 4.a.Ka, 9.a.Ka, 9.a.Kb, 9.a.Kc
Floating BoatsDescription:Will you sink or float? Learn about different boats and what materials will help a boat float. Construct a boat and see if it will keep your cargo dry.Standards:

1st Grade

Description: What goes up, must come down! Read and learn about the force of gravity. After reading the story, create a work of art by using gravity. Watch out- it will get messy!Standards: ESS1.1.1, L.1.5.d CC.1.5.d, MD.1.2
Anything But A Brush!Description: Roll up your sleeves and get ready to experiment with unusual painting tools. Learn how everyday objects can create unique pieces of art. Test each tool and then use your favorite tool to create a masterpiece. Standards: 26.B.1d, 26.A.1e, CC.1.R.L.1
Create-ures!Description: If you could design and build an animal, what would it look like? What would it eat? Where would it live? Let's get creative with our creatures!Standards:

2nd Grade

Slime!Description: Yeah, we make slime on this field trip! Students will read a story and learn about being a good scientist. Then they will measure and mix ingredients to create a goopy glob of slime! And yes, they can take it with them! Standards: 2-PS1-1, 2-PS1-4, RI.2.1
Meet MatisseDescription: Learn about Henri Matisse and how he drew with scissors and used color to create balance in his art. Then create a balanced piece of art with scissors and paper. Standards: V.ACr1.1.1a, V.A.Cr1.1.1b,VA:Pr1.3a, VA:Pr1.2a, VA:Pr6.1.2a. 2.G
Tall TowersDescription: How tall can you go? Work in small groups to build a tower out of tape, straws, and popsicle sticks that can touch the sky! Standards:

3rd Grade

Bridge BuildingDescription: Ready for a group challenge? Learn about the engineering design process and design and build a bridge. Students will be given materials, rules, and a challenge to build a bridge that can support weight. Can you make yours strong? *This lab will last 1 hourStandards: 3-PS2-1, 3-PS2-3, 3-PS2-4, MP.2, MP.5, W.3.7
YOU-nique!Description: What makes you, you? Learn about emotions and what colors, shapes, and art medias reflect each emotion. Afterwards create a YOU-nique piece of art that reflects who you are. Standards: VA: Cr1.1.3a, VA:Cr2.1.3a, VA: Cr2.2.3a, VA:Re.7.2.3a, VA:Cn10.1.3a
Newspaper ChairsDescription:Design and create a chair you can actually use… out of newspaper! Yeah, it’s totally possible to create something you can sit on out of flimsy newspaper. Do you think you can do it?Standards

4th-6th Grade STEAM Labs

Students and teachers will be encouraged to create, design, and investigate problem-based learning activities during their time in a STEAM Lab. 

Each program will last approximately 1.5 hours and are designed specifically for your grade level.  Due to space constraints, each class is limited to 30 students.  Cost is $2.00 per student or $6.00 per student if your students would also like to explore the Museum.  

4th Grade

Tennis Ball TowerDescription: Students will be given the challenge to use various and limited materials to build a tower that can hold a tennis ball! Will your tower be the strongest and the tallest?NGSS Standard(s): 3-ETS1-1, 3-ETS1-2, 3-ETS1-3, 3-PS2-1, 3-PS2-2, 4-ETS1-1, 4-ETS1-2, 4-ETS1-3, 5-ETS1-1, 5-ETS1-2, 5-ETS1-3, 5-PS2-1

CCSS Standard(s): ELA, Math, MP.2, MP.5, W.3.1, W.4.1, W.5.1

5th Grade

How Slow Can You Go?Description: Design and create a car that can roll down a track. But, the challenge isn’t to go the fastest, the challenge is to go the slowest. Are you up to it?NGSS Standard(s): 3-ETS1-1, 3-ETS1-2, 3-ETS1-3, 3-PS2-1, 3-PS2-2, 4-ETS1-1, 4-ETS1-2, 4-ETS1-3, 4-PS3-1, 5-ETS1-1, 5-ETS1-2, 5-ETS1-3

CCSS Standard(s): ELA, Math, MP.2, MP.4, MP.5, W.3.2, W.4.2, W.5.2

6th Grade

ZiplinesDescription: Teams will construct an apparatus to transport weight across a span of 6 meters in the air at one time. Track your time and see if your vehicle can be the fastestNGSS Standard(s): 3-ETS1-1, 3-ETS1-2, 3-ETS1-3, 3-PS2-1, 3-PS2-2, 4-ETS1-1, 4-ETS1-2, 4-ETS1-3, 5-ETS1-1, 5-ETS1-2, 5-ETS1-3

CCSS Standard(s): 4.MD.1, ELA, Math, W.3.10, W.3.3, W.4.10, W.4.3, W.5.10, W.5.3

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