Padawan Training Camp Preview

With a new generation of Star Wars fans, CMofIL decided this summer would be a great time to teach children of Macon County about REAL galaxies far, far away…. And mix some Jedi fun in there too. Padawan (or young Jedi) Training will immerse children in a world of stars, astronauts, and planets as well as incorporate light saber fun, wookies, and tie fighters.


On the first day of camp we’ll learn about living in space. Experience how astronauts eat, write, and live on the International Space Station. They’ll even get a chance to build a small version of a space station. During the project children will need to find answers to questions like “where will the astronaut sleep?”, “where will he or she get food?”, “What will he or she do for fun?”.  I know I’d miss walking my dog every day. What would you miss?

The following days will center around the stars and planets. Crawl into our StarLab for a chance to see the stars and constellations up close. The planets Obi Wan and Yoda live on are fictional, but some of them are very similar to the planets in our galaxy. We will study the similarities and design and build a vehicle to use on various planets.iss_gallery_med_02_960x600


Perhaps the coolest part of this camp will be participating in a national NASA project. Our friends at the Glenn Research Center in Ohio have created a national design project for kids to participate in. Our campers will be given different materials and be challenged to great a vehicle that glides. I can’t wait to see what our campers create!

Plenty other activities await young Padawan at this camp such as an obstacle course, straw rockets, droid and light saber construction, and carbonite melting! Let’s see if our campers have what it takes to graduate to become a Jedi!


Padawan Training Camp will be held June 21-June 24 from 9A-1P each day. A small snack will be provided, but campers will need to bring a sack lunch. In addition to Camp 55, CMofIL will be hosting a Jedi Youngling Training for our PreK Camp for children ages 3-entering Kindergarten. PreK Camp is on Wednesday and Friday from 9A-11A. Due to the popularity of this camp, please check online for availability.