Paper Plate Snakes

What can you make out of a paper plate? I bet the first thing that comes to your mind isn’t a snake! This week at Young at Art things got a little wild as we transformed paper plates into slithering snakes. It’s a creative lesson to teach children that basic items like paper plates can be used to make something extraordinary.

This art project is also a great opportunity for learning. Snakes are very interesting animals! They don’t have eyelids. Also, they can’t chew so they swallow their food whole with their flexible jaws. They can eat prey bigger than their head! Learning about animals is more fun with projects like these.

Snakes are covered in scales that create many different types of patterns. Children had fun coming up with their own patterns to decorate their snakes with such as dots, zig-zags, and stripes!

Cut up pieces of tissue paper were used as “scales” to decorate snakes with.

Let your imagination run wild and brainstorm what else you can make out of paper plates!

By, Kara Berk