Photo & Video Disclaimer

Photos and/or videos taken at Children’s Museum of Illinois and associated events may be published in print or posted online for download, in online photo albums, on photo/video sharing sites such as Flickr and YouTube and, and/or on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, WordPress, and Instagram. Photos and videos may also be made available on CD, DVD, Flash Memory devices, or through email.

By paying admission to the Museum and/or attending an event, photos and videos of you at the event may be published in any or all of the above-mentioned media and devices at the sole discretion of Children’s Museum of Illinois. By your attendance at the Museum, you are consenting to photographs being taken and shared through the above-listed platform(s) unless you expressly revoke your consent in the manner stated below.

Please note that Children’s Museum of Illinois staff members are instructed to ask permission from parents or guardians before taking photos of individual children.  If a parent or guardian declines to have their child photographed, the Museum staff member has been instructed to refrain from photographing the family. If a staff member refuses to comply with your request, please email